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Co-Authored Textbooks from CAT Publishing

Q. What about copyright laws? Who owns the copyright to the core text?
A. CAT Publishing owns the rights to the core text and pays royalties to both the original author and any co-author(s). Because CAT owns the copyright, you are free to make changes to meet your specific needs.

Q. When I customize a textbook, who owns the copyright?
A. CAT Publishing does; however, if you choose to discontinue use of your custom text, simply notify us in writing and rights to your material will then revert to you.

Q. How much time will it take to complete the changes to my textbook?
A. You decide how extensive your changes will be. You may want to use the book with minimal changes the first term and make your changes as you use the text. You have a full year to make a minimum contribution of approximately 20 percent. You may choose to add review questions at the end of each chapter; introduce local examples; include hand-out materials or lecture notes; delete material you don't plan to cover in class; change chapter order, etc. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Q. How do I make changes to the textbook?
A. Mark your changes directly in the core textbook you have received for review. Detailed instructions are available in the "Custom Publishing Guide" file. Upon completion of your manuscript, send it to our office. We will prepare your unique version of the text and send you a proof copy for review.

Q. Is there a minimum enrollment required before I can customize my own textbook?
A. You can become a published author with as few as 100 students per year. If your enrollments are close to the minimum, contact our office and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Q. What if I don't have the time to make all of my changes before my next semester?
A. Consider how much time you will save when you have incorporated your hand-out and lecture materials into your text. If this sounds great but your schedule will not permit even the smallest variation, you may choose to use the text "as is" until your schedule permits you to make changes. Meanwhile, you become familiar with the core text.

Q. Will my name appear on the cover of my Co-Authored Textbook?
A. Yes, when you provide your contribution to the core-textbook, you become a Co-Author and your name will appear on the front cover along with the names of the original authors.  

Q. How often may I make changes to my textbook to keep the material current?
A. Changes may be made as often as once each semester. This is one of the major advantages to customized publishing! You control how current your text is. (We do request that all changes be submitted to our office at least 12 weeks prior to the beginning of your term.)

Q. How is the price of the textbook determined?
A. CAT Publishing assigns a selling price for the text based on these three factors: 1. Production cost of the text, which is based on number of pages (your account representative will give you an estimate of the production costs); 2. The discount your bookstore receives (usually 20 percent of the selling price); and 3. The royalty you receive on your book.

Q. How do I order my textbook?
A. An ISBN (a standard identifying number) will be assigned to your textbook as soon as you authorize the publishing agreement and return it to our office. Using this number, you follow the same ordering procedure that you currently use. Your bookstore will contact us with a purchase order, and we will ensure that your customized texts are in your bookstore prior to the start of the semester.

Q. How are royalties paid?
A. Royalties are based on net sales and and are paid semi-annually. Royalties for texts sold during the Fall/Summer semesters are issued March 15. Royalties for textbooks sold during Spring semester are issued October 15.

Q. I recognize the benefits of customized publishing and want to begin now. What's my first step?
A. Fill out the online order form, and you will receive a complimentary copy of the core text you are interested in and a Co-author's Information Packet that contains all the information you need to get started in custom publishing. Or call us at (530) 549-4744.

Q.Can I select only a portion of one of your textbooks for use in my classroom?
A. Yes, CAT Publishing offers you the opportunity to choose only the material you want to cover and will prepare this material in a professionally bound volume specific to your classroom needs at an affordable price to your students.

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