Co-Authored Textbooks & Small Run Publications ... You Make The Difference!  

Co-Author your own Textbook
Teach your way

CAT Publishing offers the unique opportunity to add your own voice to select texts

Have you ever selected a textbook only to find that it didn’t measure up to your expectations? Customizing one of our existing textbooks may be just the solution for you! Begin with a well-written textbook and customize it to meet your classroom needs. In essence, you will be a co-author.

How do I become a Co-author?

CAT Publishing works with leaders in your field to develop quality textbooks you can use as a foundation for your own material. When make your contribution, your name will appear on the cover as a co-author and you will receive royalties as compensation.

What types of changes can I make?

  • Add your own material to existing chapters
  • Keep your book current by including the most recent research & updates
  • Insert new chapters and delete existing material you don’t plan to cover
  • Arrange material to follow your syllabus
  • Include study questions and exercises throughout the text
  • Use local and regional examples for added interest to increase student participation

How does this benefit me?

  • Co-authoring a textbook gives you full control of your classroom flow
  • You’ll earn royalties from the sales of your textbook and your students will pay less

How can CAT allow me to amend the material within the chapters themselves?

CAT Publishing owns the copyrights to the core textbooks; therefore, you can amend any material appearing in the core text to reflect the content you want to present in the style you want to present it. And, your text will cost less than most other texts on the market so your students will pay less and will not have to wade through material you do not plan to cover.

How do I receive royalties as a co-author?

When you contribute to the textbook and become a co-author, you and the original author(s) will receive royalties twice annually in March and October.

What if I don’t have time to make changes?

We know you are busy so perhaps you'd like to adopt the core text as is for the first semester. The core texts are comprehensive and designed to stand alone. You can then make notes as you teach from the text. At the end of the semester you submit your changes to CAT and we will prepare your customized text just the way you like it.

Are you ready to have a textbook that:

  • Perfectly suits your teaching style?
  • That contains the latest, most relevant material in your field?
  • That sells for less than competitive textbooks?
  • That pays you royalties twice a year as compensation?

What’s my next step if I want to become a co-author?

Contact CAT Publishing and we will provide you with a detailed Guide to Custom Publishing which contains everything you need to get started.

Have more questions?

If we haven’t answered all your questions visit our FAQ page or Contact CAT Publishing and we'll answer any questions you might still have and get you started on the road to becoming a co-author.

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