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Social Psychology for Today's World

ISBN: 978-1-56226-688-4

Would you like to see a “social psychology” text that covers what your students need to know about the topic? Could they do without a lot of highly technical jargon that serves mostly to confuse them? Did your students have to rob a convenience store to pay for their textbook the last time you taught the course? By reducing wasted space and eliminating colored art work that serves no useful purpose, CAT has produced a top-quality text at an affordable price. The authors drew on their years of teaching the “social psychology” course to bring you a textbook that provides comprehensive content that will enable you to meet your teaching objectives.

Topics covered include:

  • Why social psych beats common sense
  • How to do research in social psychology
  • Social cognition and social perception
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Consistency and rationalization
  • Attitudes and attitude change
  • Conformity, obedience, and compliance
  • Why people sometimes help and sometimes hurt others
  • Group processes Prejudice and how to reduce it
  • Social psychology, stress, and your health

The authors describe and explain major theories in social psychology in ways that connect with contemporary college students.

Primary strengths of the text include:

  • Conversational, easy-to-read style that captures and holds student interest
  • An affordable price of $43.30 (net) provides your students with a low-cost alternative text book without sacrificing quality.
  • Study questions for each chapter focus on important topics and are closely tied to test items
  • Test bank of about 200 items that follow from key points made in each chapter, written by the authors, professors with considerable experience writing test items
  • Examples are interesting, up-to-date and aimed at “typical” students
  • Students are given social-psych-relevant Web addresses to provide help and promote additional investigation
  • Each chapter has a section called “Applying social psychology in today’s world,” in which practical applications are discussed

Social Psychology for Today's World is an affordable textbook, skillfully written by social psychologists who focus on both contemporary theories and practical advice that students can take with them when they venture out into today’s world.

About the Authors
Dr. Lynn E. McCutcheon has authored or co-authored about 120 research articles in a variety of magazines and professional journals, including Personality and Individual Differences, British Journal of Psychology, Current Research in Social Psychology, and the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. He is a co-author on another CAT textbook, Psychological & Educational Testing, and currently serves as editor of the North American Journal of Psychology. Many of the basic ideas found in the present book are ones that Dr. McCutcheon has taught to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Amy Hackney has authored or coauthored many research articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Law and Human Behavior, Personality and Individual Differences, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, and Journal of Applied Psychology. She has also authored or coauthored several book chapters that apply social psychological theories and research to teaching. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social psychology, psychology and law, and research methods.

Dr. Jason Hart has authored or coauthored articles on a variety of topics, including social loafing, achievement motivation, gossip, and on the factors underlying the acceptance and maintenance of weird beliefs. His work appears in edited books and in peer-reviewed journals, such as Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Personality and Individual Differences, Individual Differences Research, Journal of Social Psychology, and The Journal of Applied Social Psychology. He teaches undergraduate courses in social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and why people believe weird things: the psychology of pseudoscientific thinking.


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