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Research Methods: A Contemporary Approach

ISBN: 978-1-56226-645-5

Are you trying to find a textbook for your undergraduate course in “Behavioral Research Methods” that covers what your students in psychology, sociology, education, and anthropology need to know? Can your students live without highly abstract coverage of topics or terms that you won’t discuss in class anyway – topics that add to the length and cost of a book? Tired of hearing your students complain that they had to rob a bank to pay for their textbook? By eliminating wasted space and colored diagrams that serve no pedagogical purpose, CAT has produced a high quality book at an affordable price. The authors draw on their many years of experience doing research in the behavioral sciences and teaching the research process to produce a text that provides comprehensive content to support your instructional objectives.

Topics covered include:

  • Reliability and validity of measurement
  • How to develop a research hypothesis
  • How to conduct surveys
  • The strengths and weaknesses in making naturalistic observations
  • Why correlational research is important, but scientifically inferior to experimental and quasi-experimental research designs
  • Advanced students will be able to appreciate the logic behind factorial designs, and welcome the chapter on how to write the research report that is often required for the senior thesis project.

The authors boldly tackle thorny issues like inferential statistics, ethics, threats to validity and how to prepare data for analysis.

Primary strengths of the text include:

  • Conversational, easy-to-read style that captures and holds student interest
  • The affordable price of $39.95 (net) provides your students with a low cost alternative text without sacrificing quality. Don't believe it? Request an exam copy and find out. Study questions following each chapter help students focus on important points that are reflected in the test items as well
  • Test bank of about 200 items that follow from key points made in each chapter, written by the authors themselves, professors who have considerable experience writing test items
  • The examples are intriguing, up-to-date and aimed at the students most likely to use the text (e.g., Chapter Two discusses a 2010 study of Facebook users)
  • Students are given research-relevant Web addresses to provide help and promote additional investigation

Research Methods: A Contemporary Approach is designed to support you in making your students in the behavioral sciences effective researchers.

About the Authors
Dr. Lynn E. McCutcheon has authored or co-authored about 120 research articles in a variety of magazines and professional journals, including Personality and Individual Differences, British Journal of Psychology, Current Research in Social Psychology, and the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. He is a co-author on another CAT textbook, Psychological & Educational Testing, and currently serves as editor of the North American Journal of Psychology. Many of the basic ideas found in the present book are ones that Dr. McCutcheon has taught to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Mara Aruguete has authored or co-authored 34 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Sex Roles, Journal of Adolescent Health, Journal of Educational Research, and Social Science and Medicine. She is a Professor of Psychology at Lincoln University of Missouri, where she has taught Research Methods for over 10 years. She also serves as a Division Chair of the Missouri Academy of Science.

Dr. Jeanne Edman has co-authored a number of peer reviewed articles in psychology, public health, and mental health journals including Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, Journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, Adolescent Health, and International Journal of Social Psychiatry. She has conducted cross cultural research studies in Hawaii, Micronesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Dr. Edman has taught research methods and behavioral statistics for more than 10 years.

Dr. Shelia M. Kennison has authored 27 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Cognition, Journal of Memory, Language, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Discourse Processes and Journal of Psycholinguistic Research. She is the co-author of Interactive Statistics (2nd Ed.). She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics, research design, and language development. She is also the President-Elect of the Southwestern Psychological Association.


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