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Different Voices: Women in United States History
Fourth Edition
by Emily M. Teipe
ISBN: 978-1-56226-700-1

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Different Voices: Women in United States History, Fourth Edition is available as a standard hard copy text or in the E-book format. This Fourth edition differs significantly from previous editions: forty-percent of the former content has been removed to make way for substantial new text based upon updated research. There  are additional images throughout, and two new features - Milestones and Coming to America- as well as revisions of the former Mothers of Invention and Clio’s corner.

Different Voices is a comprehensive textbook for the study of Women's History; written in an engaging narrative style with insightful detail of topics not covered in other Women's History books such as: Women of New Spain, the Latina Feministas Movement, outstanding women in professions and religious vocations, and women's culture in Victorian America. This text is inclusive of a wide range of ethnicities and embraces women of African, Asian, Native American and Latina heritage. Of particular interest, are chapters which feature medical practices which affected women's health and the bold innovations in medicine which contributed to contemporary concepts about the female body. Formatted as a survey text, with a multidimensional and multicultural approach. it was the first of its kind in American Women's History.  Different Voices includes the following features:

  • Primary sources such as diaries, letters, and legal documents,
  • Chapter outlines, maps, chronologies and concise clear footnote definitions
  • Appended historical documents
  • Vignettes of women who made a significant contribution to American Life
  • A chapter by chapter discourse on historical theory
  • Over 100 photographs and illustrations
  • An extensive thematic bibliography of references

About the Author
Emily Teipe was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended the Eastern High School for Females. She completed classical studies at Richmond College, London for her master’s degree, and received her Ph.D. from University of California, Riverside.  She is Professor Emerita of History and Women’s Studies at Fullerton College where she has taught for forty years. In 2009- 2010, Emily received the Teacher of the Year Award from the student body. She co-authored with Professor Gary B Nash, Our Beloved friend, the Life and Writing of Anne Emlen Mifflin. Some of her other publications include- America’s First Veterans and the Revolutionary War Pensions; A Woman’s Journal, Reading and Writing on Themes in Women’s Studies; A Feminist Primer; “Will the Real Molly Pitcher Please Stand Up?” Prologue, the National Archives; and, Las Santas, Our Sisters in Faith and Spirit.   

In the twenty-five years I have been teaching women’s history, I have used and screened many textbooks. I find Dr. Teipe’s, Different Voices, Women in United States History now in the fourth edition is one of the best. It is comprehensive, insightful, teachable, lively, cogent, and well- organized. My students find her style engaging.

Brenda Farrington
Chapman University

Different Voices, Women in United States History, Fourth edition is the book I have been waiting for during my thirty years as a college professor of U.S. Women’s History. Finally, Professor Teipe has produced a comprehensive, multicultural survey text comparable in depth, detail, readability, and graphic features to books long available in introductory U.S. and European History courses. The author’s narrative style is crystal clear and engaging; her analysis and interpretations intellectually challenging, and her scholarship thorough and rigorous. What is especially satisfying is the author’s inclusion of topics either absent or treated briefly in other works. The extensive material on Latinas is especially welcome. Having used dozens of books over the years, I am excited to have a text at last that meets my instructional goals.

Mary Lee Sargent
Parkland College

I have been collecting and reading Women’s Studies books for over thirty years; in that time women’s bookstores have disappeared and the general bookstores’ women shelves are shrinking. My heartfelt concern is that women’s advances will be lost because the battles hard won victories will be forgotten. Emily Teipe’s, Different Voices, Women in United States History, Fourth edition guarantees that will not happen. Her intelligent, comprehensive, and accessible presentation of the history of American women joins with the shields of Flexner and Rosen to safeguard the achievements of American women over the last 200 plus years. It has to be recognized, placed in every library, required in the college curriculum, and honored as its own force. Emily gives us courage to face our future, armed with our past.

Zoe Ann Nicholson
The Hungry Heart, A Woman’s Fast for Justice

“With her book Different Voices, in its Fourth edition  Professor Emily Teipe offers students and enthusiasts of Women's History remarkable insights into the life experiences of American women. It is a history book yes, but it is also a collection of treasures and gems. Within its pages we discover stories of women that we have never before heard of and develop a deeper understanding of those who we thought we knew well! This fourth edition is a thorough book, carefully researched, that will forever change the way that its readers view the historical narrative of the United States.”

Danielle Alexander
Napa Valley College

I celebrate this fine textbook in women’s history. Different Voices, Women in United States History, Fourth edition. It chronicles like no other the vast diversity of women within the United States, and it is designed with teaching in mind. I appreciate its wealth of primary sources and illustrations enabling students to capture in image and words women’s voices of the past.

Sharon Salinger
University of California, Irvine 

Emily Teipe’s Different Voices, Fourth edition is an engaging and comprehensive general text on women in American history. Adroitly blending compelling stories of individuals within the larger mosaic of the nation’s history, the book thoughtfully reveals the hidden narrative often overlooked in other works. The fast paced and easily accessible text serves as an excellent jumping off point for class discussions and further research projects. The book is an excellent choice as the principle text in a course on women’s history, or as an accompaniment to a general course in U.S. history.

Vanessa Gunther
California State University

This enlightening book inspires and educates. It is a must read for students of Women’s History and Women’s Studies as well the general reading public.

Julie A. Davey
Writing for Wellness

Professor Emily Teipe has assembled in Different Voices, a truly wonderful compilation of exciting women’s stories from different periods of American history. This book should fire up the minds and imagination of students about all that is possible for them in their own lives. 

Norman E. Donoghue II
Prisoners of Congress: Philadelphia’s Quakers in Exile, 1777-1778

In Different Voices, Women in United States History, Professor Emily Teipe has produced a comprehensive, scholarly, and incisive study of women's efforts to structure a decisive place for themselves in the American System. It emphasizes both the struggles and the triumphs of enlightened and persistent females who refused to hear the ever reverberating NO. That the steady improvement of women’s opportunities is positive is a given. That these changes benefit all society is a case well made. Different Voices is a gift and significant addition to Women's History and Women’s Studies courses.

Claudia P. Pineo
Professor Emeritus

"With her book Different Voices, Professor Emily Teipe offers students and enthusiasts of Women's History remarkable insights into the life experiences of American women.  It is a history book yes, but it is also a collection of treasures and gems.  Within its pages we discover stories of women that we have never before heard of and develop a deeper understanding of those who we thought we knew well!  This thorough book, so carefully researched, will forever change the way that its readers view the historical narrative of the United States."

Barbara A. Weightman
Professor Emeritus

The latest book by Professor Emily Teipe, Different Voices, Women in United States History, is a comprehensive and compelling survey of the important and often overlooked contributions of women throughout American history. The crucial role played by women from different social and ethnic backgrounds is carefully researched and presented in a context that sheds new light on the centrality of women in the development of American culture. Professor Teipe’s study is a must read for all students interested in a better understanding of how women have helped shape the course of our nation’s history.

Carmen Decker
Professor Emertia

Different Voices is a thoroughly researched history text that should set the standard for those who want their message read and remembered. Dr. Teipe is one of those rare scholars who loves learners as much as she loves learning. The format of Different Voices demands the readers attention and retention. Perhaps this is the best time for this history to emerge; I wish I'd learned its content years ago

Maryruth Nivens
Professor Emerita

We welcome Different Voices: Women in United States History; this is an accessible introductory textbook that highlights the economic and cultural diversity of women's experiences. Emily Teipe's examination of social movements over time creates a fascinating narrative for beginning students, as well as for readers familiar with the history of American women. Her use of primary source material such as letters, speeches, and photographs illuminates women's accomplishments and challenges. The volume also includes within each chapter new dimensions to the topics covered: "Clio's Corner" engages in a discussion of research and theory on a particular historical topic, while "Mothers of Invention" showcases unique American women. These sections encourage readers to think critically about the nature of history and women's role in shaping the past. As a survey textbook, Different Voices is comprehensive and engaging; Professor Teipe's sense of the issues and events that speak to an introductory college audience, is excellent, and thus this volume is a very good choice for use in a survey course on women in American history.

Lisa Saywell
University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Students are saying

Rich in multicultural perspective, research, and historical detail, Different Voices, places women at the forefront of American History. It is a must-read for people from all backgrounds, identities and political persuasions. In a world where women are often marginalized or absent from American history, Different Voices is inspiring and invaluable as a bridge of understanding. Reading Different Voices for me, as a student was transformative. It impressed upon me a narrative that I hope to re-tell through art, film, and music. Professor Teipe’s enthusiasm and dedication was incredibly empowering, and came through in her writing. Strange to say about a textbook, but this is one that I will be picking up time and time again for a re-read.

Kayla Briët
Former student, filmmaker, and composer

Different Voices, Women in United States History took me back to many critical events in American History which I have studied before but with the added bonus of including women. Dr Teipe’s narration vividly describes life stories of remarkable women who are inspiring to me. This textbook was not only engaging and enjoyable but also I have to say, positively the best read of my college career. It is chocked- full of historical information that will keep you on your toes, as well as well-prepared and well-informed in your U.S. women’s history or women’s studies course. This is a textbook I will hold onto and I recommend it to fellow students.

Whittier, California

Well, I never thought I would say this about a history textbook but Professor Teipe’s book, DifferentVoices, Women in United States History, is a good read even when you are required to read it cover to cover. It brings to light the lives of women in American History from the time of the New World exploration and settlement through most of the Twentieth Century.  History has never been my favorite subject (or reading history books either) but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It includes things like the rise of department stores, women’s health problems and the development of modern medicine.  Courtship and dating practices in Colonial and Victorian American made my ancestors real to me. Finding topics I have not come across in other U.S. History books, made for interesting reading and I learned so much about American History.  

Scott Hilliard

Thankfully, Emily Teipe’s,  Different Voices, Women in United States History acquaints readers with the battles and hardships women have endured and brings audiences descriptions of amazing women who became a force to be reckoned with.  Part IV, Women in the Gilded Age is probably my favorite section so far. It describes what women were up against and how they persevered while obeying all the rules and regulations laid on them.  The only thing better than reading the book is taking the women’s history course; her lectures are lively, vivid, and informative and she has a great sense of humor.

Vannia Rodriquez

Within Different Voices, Women in United States History, are stories of the many women who fought for their emancipation. I especially enjoyed the chapters on Victorian culture and the late nineteenth century when Americans witnessed many events and great gains for women as well as changes in government, in  local communities and the ladies domain of childbirth and motherhood, fashion, and the home. Reading this book and studying women’s history filled in some big gaps to understanding America’s story. 

Hannah Dunlop

This is the first semester that I have used an E! text.  Our history professor gave us that option for our required course text, Different Voices, Women in United States History, and I have found many benefits to using the digital version provided by Red Shelf. The format is organized for easy access to specific chapters, and you can search by key words. The study aids include features such as note taking, highlighting, creating flashcards, and building your own study guide. If there is a situation where there is no internet, there is the option to use the textbook offline. I heartily recommend the E! text of Different Voices, to other students.

Jacquelin Navarro

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