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English Grammar Review

English Grammar Review is a classroom-tested, self-help manual that describes how English grammar works as well as the rules that govern standard usage and punctuation. The chapters are arranged sequentially beginning with the parts of speech and progressing through more complex structures such as phrases, clauses, and sentence types. The book is completely self-instructional with answers provided for all tests and practice exercises. Ideal for ESL students and for anyone interested in a grammar text that makes sense.

  • English explained
  • Sequential presentation from word function to sentence type
  • Self-correcting practice exercises and tests
  • Appropriate for high school and college students

About the Author:

The author holds an M.A. in Teaching English As a Foreign Language from San Francisco State University. He has taught English grammar, usage, and punctuation to both native and non-native English speakers for over 30 years at the college level. English Grammar Review has been used by English instructors nationwide.

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